Natasha Negovanlis

Hey firecrackers! We’re back after a bit of hiatus and we missed you guys! But believe me, a lot has been going on, both in my personal life and in general. So, I wanted to touch on what’s happening right now in our industry, and as much as I want to stay totally positive, I think its important to talk about the #metoo campaign. When this all started, I found myself thinking back on my experiences and how I brushed off a lot of inappropriate behaviour by saying “oh, they’re just creepy”. This is the common way to deal with it amongst a lot of women. We diminish our experiences because its not even close to what other women, even close friends of mine, experience. So, how do we help in this situation? How do we ensure we will continue moving forward? I don’t know the answer to these questions yet, but its on my mind and I think its more important than ever that both women and men support those who have come forward and continue to lift each other up! Firecrackers, lets keep these conversations going! Talk to me on social media, or even e-mail us at, we want to hear from you! Anyway, on a lighter note, my guest this week is the incredible Natasha Negovanlis! You may know her from her digital series ‘Carmilla’, which was just adapted into a feature film, ‘The Carmilla Movie’, or perhaps from her roles in ‘Almost Adults’ or ‘Murdoch Mysteries’. Whatever the case, if you’ve seen her act, you know she’s one hell of a firecracker! We had a great chat about her journey so far in the industry, her family, and so much more. Enjoy!

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