Irene Sankoff

Hey firecrackers! Where in the world are YOU!? Are you also in a freezing cold climate like I am? ‘Cause it’s pretty chilly up here in Toronto and I’m doing whatever I can to stay warm until I’m back in LA! Let me know what you do to stay warm over social media! Speaking of cold climates (yes, we’re using this as a transition, haha!) here’s the second episode from my trip to New York City! I sat down with Irene Sankoff, who has been doing incredible things in the world of theatre for quite some time now. She was one of the originators of “My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding” which was a huge hit in Fringe and in the Mirvish theatres in Toronto. Now, the play she co-creater with her husband David, “Come From Away” is on Broadway! I’ve known Irene for some time now, through the Second City community and what not, but getting to sit down with her for this interview and talk all about her journey was more than a treat. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did, firecrackers! 

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