Gail Harvey

Quiet on set, mosquitos! Hey Firecrackers, I’m up north in the Kawartha’s Lakes area this week and feeling inspired by my environment. Yet, I’m also thinking about what’s happening in the city since The Toronto Fringe Festival is currently on. Firecrackers, if you are in Toronto, I recommend getting out there and seeing a show. There’s nothing like live theatre and as you all know, I love it! I’ll post a link to the festival on our website, as I mention in my intro, I recommend seeing ’13 Ways The World Ends’ and ‘Hands Down’ but give it a peek and go see whatever you think you’ll find inspiring. Next, we have Gail Harvey as our guest this week! Gail’s career has been behind the camera, as a director. Her resume is a mile long those credits include ‘Lost Girl’, 'Heartland', and ‘Murdoch Mystery’s’. I got to sit down with her just before she left to shoot her next film, ‘Never Saw It Coming’, which is adapted from the novel of the same name by Linwood Barclay. We chatted about her work, her family, and much more. Enjoy!

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