Annie Bradley

Hey firecrackers! We’re back after a small hiatus and I have plenty to catch you up on! In this weeks episode I’m telling you all about an incident I had with a gentlemen whose car I accidentally backed into. He was quite angry with me but I was able to diffuse the situation with snacks and a hug, which I have to say might be the answer to all of life's problems, haha! It occurred on my father’s eightieth birthday and I’m telling you all about my parents and how they’ve influenced and made me into the person I am today. Next, we have Annie Bradley as our guest. This firecracker has been doing some incredible work behind the camera and she was such a joy to talk too. In fact, we talked for almost two hours! She’s hard at work on her next film, ‘Blowback’, and we just got right into all of it. Have a listen and enjoy! 

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