Emma Hunter

Hey firecrackers! I’m coming at you from Toronto this week where we’re in the middle of the Toronto International Film Festival. This time of year is always crazy and exhausting but most definitely exciting! My highlight so far this year was being a part of a charity event for Rainbow Camp with Colin Mochrie, Deb McGrath, and their daughter, Kinley. Rainbow Camp is a one-week camp for LGBTQ2+ and their families, its a safe place for them to go, be a part of this community, and most importantly, have fun! Man, what an amazing event to be a part of. I’m going to post a link below to their website, please check them out, donate if you can, help spread the word, and get inspired by the incredible things this organization is doing! Okay, so next we have Emma Hunter as our guest and I freaking love this woman. Her and I have been on ‘Mr. D’ together for a while now, but you also may know her from ‘The Beaverton’, ‘Royal Canadian Air Farce’, or even ‘Spun Out’. You also need to check out her video from ‘Just For Laughs’, which I’ve posted below! We talked about pretty much everything, but those topics include her family, what’s happening in her world, and so much more. Enjoy this one firecrackers and get inspired!