Melanie Scrofano

Hey firecrackers! This week I found myself confined to my hotel room in Halifax and the more time I spent in there, I realized how easily hotels can make you feel shut in. So, I decided to get out there and do something creative, something away from the computer, something outdoors! I went out, got some paints, a canvas, and taught myself to paint. I’m definitely no artist, haha, but it helped with the mundanity of hotel living! And I want to know, what is it you guys do to get yourselves out of rut? To feel inspired and creative? Let me know on social media! Our guest this week is the kick-ass, hilarious, Melanie Scrofano! She’s blowing up our television screens right now as the lead on ‘Wynonna Earp’, but you may also remember her from ‘Designated Survivor’ ‘The Listener’ or ‘Being Erica’. We recorded this episode a little while ago, while it was still hush-hush that she had a baby, so when she showed up with her little guy, it was an incredible surprise! We talked all about her family, her path as an actress, creativity and learning to do new things, and so much more. I think you guys are going to be inspired by this vibrant firecracker. Enjoy!

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