Karen Bruce

Hey Firecrackers! First of all, I want to talk about our ‘Spark of the Month’ question. At the beginning of every month, during our Facebook and Instagram Live we’re going to ask a question that we want all of you to answer! This month, we’re asking “If neither success nor failure were an option, what is something you would pursue?” Tell us your answers on social media or by e-mailing firecrackerdepartment@gmail.com! Next up, I’ve been knee deep in writing lately. Both Matt and I have been working out of our place here in sunny Los Angeles and even though the office is lovely, our craft services is seriously lacking. Haha! All kidding aside, writing can be tricky, and there are definitely times when I get angry, or upset, because I’m doubtful or stuck. But you know what, I push on, and I turn to Matt for support, and when I finally get over those hurdles, the feeling of accomplishment and happiness is amazing. Firecrackers, if you ever find yourselves in these situations, keep putting your mind to it, to you will overcome these obstacles and you will succeed. Speaking of firecrackers who put their minds to it, this week we have Karen Bruce as our guest! Karen is the Director, Membership & Fan Engagement for the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television and was previously the Director of Canadian Initiatives at the Toronto International Film Festival. Karen has done so much for the Canadian industry and through her work at the Academy, has been connecting talent with their fans. Karen is always so inspiring, with her energy and endless talents, I’m truly in awe of her. Give this one a listen and enjoy, Firecrackers! 

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