Anusree Roy

Hey Firecrackers! Welcome back to the department, this week we have none other than the amazing Anusree Roy as our guest! Anusree is a Dora Mavor Moore award winning playwright and actress. Her stage work includes the plays ‘Breathlessness’, ’Sultans of the Street’,‘Brothel #9’, and ‘Little Pretty and The Exceptional’, amongst many more. Her television work includes the shows ‘Saving Hope’ and ‘Remedy’, the latter she was a story editor on for the first season. Now I’ve know Anusree for quite some time. We first met when my company, The National Theatre of the World was doing this thing called ‘The Script Tease’. We’d ask a playwright to write two pages of a script and we’d read it for the first time on stage and then improvise the rest of the play. So, Anusree said yes and her direction was for the cast to be wearing a sari and speak with an Indian accent. This was a new challenge for me and I LOVED it! Oh and as a kicker, Anusree showed up with snacks, she brought us all samosas because she is just incredible. Our chat this time around is truly incredible, Anusree talks a lot about what its taken for her to become a writer and the challenges she faces as an artist. Enjoy, Firecrackers! 

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