Jean Yoon

Hey Firecrackers! This episode I got to speak with the incredible Jean Yoon! Right now you might know her from Kim’s Convenience, but she is an artist on so many different levels; she has been a creator, a producer, a writer, a poet – she’s done it all! I remember watching her from shows like The Yoko Ono Project way back when I was in theatre school, and being just astounded with her commitment to the character. She really throws herself into character, both feet in, and she’s bringing that into the film and television world with Kim’s Convenience. I love that after years of admiring her work I’m sitting down and talking with her about her life and her career and she is so fascinating. I think you’ll get really jazzed from this conversation. We talked for so long that I even had to take a pee break; but we did it, we came back and I’m excited to now share our chat with you. Enjoy Firecrackers!

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