Dani Kind

Hey Firecrackers! This week I got to have an incredible discussion with none other than Dani Kind! Now you might know Dani from her role on CBC’s ‘Workin’ Moms’ or perhaps as Mercedes Gardner on ‘Wynonna Earp’, or maybe you just know her for being a kick-ass woman? Well, I first met Dani through the CBC, since we’re both on the network we would see each other at parties and what not, but I never really got a chance to connect with her beyond the basic pleasantries. However, I remember seeing her on a bus in New York City a little while ago, she was with another department member, Tommie Amber Pirie, and we got a chance to chat a bit further. I remember thinking how bold and vivacious she was. Then, we wound up having this really weird, kind of awful, but oddly connective experience together. We had both shown up to a fitting to find something to wear to one of these fancy events. Well, the more dresses I tried on the worse I felt. Nothing seemed to fit or look good, and it was quite the emotionally toll taking experience. Well, Dani (along with Juno Rinaldi from ‘Workin’ Moms’) showed up and as it turns out, they were in the same boat. It just made things a bit better, because we got to connect over the shared experience. Anyway, I’m really lucky to have gotten her to come on the show. I finally got the chance to get know Dani, where she came from, and her journey through life and this industry. Enjoy, Firecrackers!