Second City Live Panel

Hey Firecrackers, welcome to Second City! We're here at my old stomping grounds for a LIVE podcast panel with some real comedic geniuses! Joining us on stage for this chat is Ayaka Kinugawa, Musical Director for Second City Theatrical, Carly Heffernan, current Director of the main stage show 'The Best Is Yet To Come Undone', Teresa Pavlinek, writer, producer, and star of her own show called 'The Jane Show', and last, but not least, current star of the main stage show, Stacey McGunnigle! We're talking everything from how annoying it is to be asked "What is it like being a woman in comedy?" to how they keep themselves creatively fuelled. This chat was inspiring, insightful, and most importantly, absolutely hilarious. Enjoy! 

Naomi Snieckusbatch2