Ingrid Veninger


Ingrid’s credits include: The World or Nothing (2019), Porcupine Lake (2017), He Hated Pigeons (2015), The Animal Project (2013), I Am a Good Person/I Am a Bad Person (2011), Modra (2010), Only (2008), Friday the 13th The Series (1987-1990), & Airwaves (1986-87).

Welcome back all you firecrackers! In this episode, Naomi and Ingrid sit down during the Toronto International Film Festival and talk about the beautiful mind behind projects such as Animal Project, Porcupine Lake and The World or Nothing. Ingrid started as an actor at a young age but soon discovered she had a voice that needed to be expressed as a writer and director. She has been part of the Canadian Indie Film scene for years creating some of the most interesting and original projects. What happens when you care less about what people think of you, or what you look like? According to Ingrid, “I’m not the popular girl. I never have been so how can I possibly make a film like that?” Ingrid talks about what it is to embrace your inner “freakdom” as she challenges her actors and her crew to dive deep into unknown creative territory. This talk will make you want to pick up a camera and discover what you can create! Enjoy and don’t forget to share your comments and reviews on iTunes and @firecrackerdept!

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