Firecracker Flashback: Annie Murphy!

Hey Firecrackers! We're celebrating Schitt's Creek's EMMY NOMINATIONS (!!!!!!) this week with an update on Annie Murphy! She's amazing as Alexis Rose on Schitt's Creek, now up for a bunch of Emmys, a first for Pop TV and SUCH a big win for the cast and the show! Love when Netflix spreads a show like wildfire to the masses! (Not usually a good thing....but in this case it is!!) Refresh your love for Annie on the updated episode now, and catch the new FD Aftershow about this episode on IGTV and YouTube today!

Talking with Annie Murphy is like hanging out with an old high school buddy. From a quiet life amongst the tulips of Ottawa to starring in Schitt’s Creek, we’re gonna talk about her journey. She chose acting over being a lawyer and I am so glad she did because she is a delight as Alexis Rose on Schitt’s Creek. We had a really fun, honest conversation about the fear of auditioning, her dislike of too much sunshine, and how writing can get you through the tough times.

This was one of my first ever FD episodes, so sit back (or keep cleaning, driving, whatever you’re up to!) and enjoy this blast from the past!