Jann Arden

Hey Firecrackers! I spoke with Canadian Queen, singer-songwriter, author, podcaster, actor, Jann Arden LIVE! at the YYC Comedy festival in Calgary a few months ago in May, and it was such an amazing, in-depth conversation to be able to share with an audience (and her dog Midi!). And now we finally get to share it with you! We talk about personal expectations, fears about acting, fighting for Calgary, moms, dads, dogs, Jann's production, finally "becoming a person" and oh my gosh so much more! We talk persistence, patience, and maintaining relationships over years, a career, your whole life. This past year, Jann has put out a new album (These Are The Days), a new book called Feeding My Mother, continued her fantastic podcast with Arlene Dickinson, The Business of Life, AND she’s heading into the second season of the amazingly popular CTV show: JANN. Find her on social media @JannArden!

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