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Hosted by the multi-talented Naomi Snieckus, Firecracker Department is a sit-down with the brightest minds and most charismatic women in entertainment, representing the full spectrum of ‘the biz’ But despite their showbiz superpowers, none can resist the targeted charm of their host. With each interview, Naomi and her guest kick off their shoes, pour a glass of wine and begin a very informal conversation, that is real and often intensely-personal. It’s funny, frank talk about success, life in the public eye, the victories, embarrassments and vagaries of fame.

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Episode 36

Rebecca Kohler


Naomi snieckus

Hey Firecrackers! This episode we are talking to one of my favourite people, Rebecca Kohler. Now if you don’t know her, you need to go online right now to check out her stand up. She is just so funny and so ballsy. Now recently (we talk about this in the interview) she has been writing a lot for tv. She’s writing for “Working Moms”, “Kim’s Convenience” on CBC, and also “Schitt’s Creek”. And now, since we had this interview, she’s just been hired to write for a show called “Happy Together” on CBS starring Damon Wayans Jr! CBS! How’s that, huh? I know Rebecca from the comedy community in Toronto, and I’ve always admired her stand-up ‘cause she’s just so bold. We had such a great conversation and talked about what it’s like to be in writing rooms. It’s hard to stop talking after an hour but I think she’s just so interesting, and I know you’ll agree! Enjoy, Firecrackers!

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