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Hosted by the multi-talented Naomi Snieckus, Firecracker Department is a sit-down with the brightest minds and most charismatic women in entertainment, representing the full spectrum of ‘the biz’ But despite their showbiz superpowers, none can resist the targeted charm of their host. With each interview, Naomi and her guest kick off their shoes, pour a glass of wine and begin a very informal conversation, that is real and often intensely-personal. It’s funny, frank talk about success, life in the public eye, the victories, embarrassments and vagaries of fame.

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Episode 23

Camryn manheim

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Naomi Snieckus

Hey firecrackers! I’m coming at you from Halifax this week where I’m shooting ‘Mr. D’ and I want to give a huge shout out to our crew for the show! Our transport department, who gets me where I need to be, because lets face it, I don’t know where I’m going without them, our hair and make up team, our camera team, our production team, our writers and directors…there’s just too many to list but all of them are truly incredible! Next, our guest this week is Camryn Manheim! This woman is probably the definition of inspiration. You might know her from her Golden-Globe winning role on ‘The Patrice’ or as Delia Banks on ‘Ghost Whisperer’, or maybe from her kick-ass performances on ‘Person of Interest’ or ‘Major Crimes’. Her resume is a mile long and every time she graces the screen, she knocks it out of the park! We had an amazing chat and really dove into it, so give it a listen, enjoy, and get inspired! 

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