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Hosted by the multi-talented Naomi Snieckus, Firecracker Department is a sit-down with the brightest minds and most charismatic women in entertainment, representing the full spectrum of ‘the biz’ But despite their showbiz superpowers, none can resist the targeted charm of their host. With each interview, Naomi and her guest kick off their shoes, pour a glass of wine and begin a very informal conversation, that is real and often intensely-personal. It’s funny, frank talk about success, life in the public eye, the victories, embarrassments and vagaries of fame.

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Episode 38

Cheri oteri


Naomi Snieckus

Firecrackers! What are you up to lately? Whatcha reading, listening to, watching? For me, I recently watched the Garry Shandling documentary on Netflix and it really stuck with me. Garry was one of the funniest, smartest minds of our time and watching the way he did things made me go back and take a look at my own process. It was so inspiring, but also a bit daunting, because to get to the level of someone like Garry is no easy task. It caused me to get a bit down on myself, but at the end of the day, I absolutely love to make people laugh and that is what drives me, so let’s keep at it! Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on your own process and what keeps you inspired! Drop me a line at firecrackerdepartment@gmail.com or let's chat over social media at @FirecrackerDept or @Snieckus. Next up, we’ve got the INCREDIBLE Cheri Oteri! You might remember her from 'Saturday Night Live', or perhaps 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', maybe even 'Liar Liar', whatever it is though, you know this lady makes us all fall to our knees laughing, every time. We had a great chat about her journey through this crazy business and so much more. Enjoy, Firecrackers! 

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